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Dialysis to remove glycerol before metal labeling

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Dialysis to remove glycerol before metal labeling

Hello, I am labelling antibodies with Maxpar X8 polymer. Some of my antibodies come in 30-50% glycerol (otherwise they are BSA/carrier free). I have previously dialyzed glycerol-containing antibodies overnight into PBS using slide-a-lyzer cassettes. I am wondering for anyone who has dialyzed first, if I need to dialyze overnight or if 10-60 min is sufficient? I see on other posts discussion that the glycerol is removed in the first R-buffer exchange and dialysis might not even be necessary. Curious anyone's experience with this. Thank you!



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Re: Dialysis to remove glycerol before metal labeling

Hi Elisabeth, apologies for the slow posting of this reply.
I've done a few conjugations now with a spin column protocol which seems to work very nice for removing glycerol up to 50%, I've never dialysed. Happy to pass it on if you think it would be helpful? Gareth

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