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Polymer Conjugation With Monovalent Ions

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Polymer Conjugation With Monovalent Ions


I am planning to perform polymer conjugation with Ag(I) and I am therefore wondering if someone has any experience conjugating silver or other monovalent ions? Would the Maxpar MCP9 or X8 antibody labeling kits be able to perform successful conjugation?




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Re: Polymer Conjugation With Monovalent Ions

Hi Nicolas,

Short answer: I've never tried putting silver/Ag(I) into MCP9 or X8.

Longer answer: I think there's only a low probability that Ag(I) would stably interact with the chelators in either polymer. We know that X8/DN3 use DTPA chelators. I don't think Fluidigm/SBio has formally declared what chelator is used in MCP9, but since it binds Cadmium and another paper (viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2549 ) used MCP9 to bind Pd2+, there's a high likelihood that MCP9's chelator is EDTA or something very similar.

Dojindo has a Metal+Chelator stability constant sheet: https://www.dojindo.eu.com/images/Produ ... stants.pdf

Ag(I) + DTPA = 8.70
Ag(I) + EDTA = 7.32

For comparison:
Tb3+ + DTPA = 22.71
Pd2+ + EDTA = 26.40
Cd2+ + EDTA = 16.46

So, Ag(I) is *MUCH* less stable in DTPA or EDTA.


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