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Resource Technologist CyTOF Operator Immune Health Institute

The Immune Health Initiative at the University of Pennsylvania seeks a highly motivated Resource Technologist with a strong immunology background to join our team. The Immune Health group is working towards characterizing aspects of patients’ immune systems that can drive diagnostic, prevention, and/or treatment decisions across a variety of health conditions. Our mission is not only on scientific discovery, but also to return these results to patients’ medical charts to more immediately impact clinical care.

Job Responsibilities

● Prepare human clinical samples for high-dimensional phenotypic and functional analysis of single cells using mass cytometry (CyTOF).
● Operate a CyTOF XT instrument for sample acquisition and perform daily instrument calibration and QC.
● Perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting for equipment, and when required, interface with technical support for service contracts and repairs.
● Maintain an inventory of reagents, including metals and metal-conjugated antibodies, and perform antibody-metal conjugations if no commercial alternatives are available.
● Ensure proper data management and backup and also assist in data analysis.
● Consult with users designing experiments, especially in panel design.
● Develop and execute new assays as necessary.
● Design and troubleshoot experiments, recognize and identify potential roadblocks in experimental procedures and provide solutions to basic scientific questions that arise with a high degree of autonomy.
● Follow established standard procedures, with attention to detail.
● Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability and eagerness to work in a team setting.
● Train new users in sample acquisition as necessary.


● Bachelor's degree in biological sciences, engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer sciences, or a related field. Master's degree preferred. 5 to 7 years of experience or equivalent combination of education and experience is required.
● Previous experience in laboratory setting (at least 3 years preferred), in particular working with flow or mass cytometry instruments (at least one year required) demonstrated through sample preparation, acquisition and/or data analysis.
● Past immunology training or experience preferred.
● Strong analytical and problem-solving skills required.
● Willingness to work flexible hours required.

For more details and to apply online: ... 00061102-1