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Flow Lab Confessions - Webinar

Recommended watching for all SRLs (the recording will be available soon): ... onfessions

Webinar Summary
Shared Resources Laboratory (SRL) personnel often assume a role as scientific mentor to trainees within their institutions. In this position, they may see and hear things from these trainees that fly under the radar of their mentors and occasionally result in an overflow of emotions in the SRL facility. As such, SRL staff need to be equipped with emotional intelligence to navigate these interactions, provide support to users if needed, and alert the mentor or administration if required, all while maintaining a professional working environment. The goal of this CYTO U session is to provide a brief introduction to emotional intelligence and a framework SRL personnel may use to navigate these interactions with users and colleagues.

Learning Objectives
• Familiarize the audience with the concept of emotional intelligence.
• Introduce a framework for the practical application of emotional intelligence within the SRL.

Who Should Attend
• RL Managers and Personnel.

Dr. Tomer-Meir Salame
Head, Mass Cytometry Unit
Life Sciences Core Facilities
Weizmann Institute of Science
E-mail: ... etry/about