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TCEP Storage

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TCEP Storage

Hello CyTOFers!

Hope everyone is well.

How does everyone store their TCEP? The reason I ask is because, according the Thermo's advice, it's only suitable for a year after it's been opened. And as we only go through (at the absolute max) 1 mL of it in a year (and it's supplied in 5 mL glass bottles), we have to dispose of the rest of it and buy it again (although it isn't that costly to be honest). I was wondering do people aliquot and freeze down TCEP? Does this render the TCEP ineffective or does it work perfectly after years in the freezer?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Many thanks in advance!




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Post Wed Mar 13, 2024 3:03 pm

Re: TCEP Storage

Hi Jahangir,

We normally aliquot a new vial of TCEP and freeze the aliquots at -20C. We are able to use the frozen aliquots for a few years with no issues. However, we haven't yet tested the true longevity of the frozen aliquots and usually open a new vial and dispose of the remaining frozen aliquots after 2 years just to be on the safe side. Someone from Garry Nolan's Lab may have tested the longevity of TCEP at -20C.




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Re: TCEP Storage

Hi Jahangir,

In my experience, TCEP is stable at RT for at least a couple years. I remember back at UofT, I did have a bottle that finally went off after 3yr or so, but definitely more than 1 year.

I just checked the (RT) bottle we're currently using: it was received in Sept 2017, and probably opened sometime in 2018. We haven't noticed any change in conjugation efficiency.

So, if you're worried, I'd suggest Ed's method of freezing it. But we haven't found it to be that necessary.




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Re: TCEP Storage

ours is still going strong since 2017…

Just RT on the shelf, slightly shaded by our helipad and lack of window cleaning.

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