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Dissolving Metals in Nitric Acid for Polymer Conjugation

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Dissolving Metals in Nitric Acid for Polymer Conjugation


I am working with a metal that is insoluble in water which causes difficulties during polymer conjugation. However, the metal dissolves readily in concentrated nitric acid and I am therefore wondering if the acidic solution could destroy the polymer during conjugation? I have already read on the forum that nitric acid is sometimes added to improve metal solubility, but the solution is not concentrated.




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Re: Dissolving Metals in Nitric Acid for Polymer Conjugation

Hi Nicolas,

Is the metal only soluble in concentrated nitric acid? Have you tried more dilute nitric acid solutions? It might take more effort to dissolve it, but it should help with keeping the metal in solution during the labeling step and will eliminate the need for concentrated acid during conjugation.

We have encountered issues with In-113 chloride and Bi-209 nitrate crashing out from SBT (Fluidigm) L-buffer during the labeling step, and have discovered that each will stay in solution if we instead dissolve it in 1% HCl or 5% HNO3, respectively, and then use the dilute acid in lieu of the L-buffer during the labeling step. The dilute acid does not interfere with labeling, as far as I can tell. All remaining steps can be performed according to the standard labeling protocol.

Hope that helps.


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