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Contaminated Ficol

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Post Tue Oct 19, 2021 8:23 pm

Contaminated Ficol

Hello I'm Justin from the Behbehani Lab.
Our lab occasionally uses Ficoll for cells to be used on CyTOF.

Our old batch of Ficoll: GE Healthcare Ficoll-Paque PLUS, 17-1440-03, lot 10275982 in 500ml bottles worked quite well.

I ran a 1 to 1Billion and 1 to 1Million dilution in water, in solution mode on our machine using the old ficoll and it was fine, a minor amount of lead well below 1 million Dual Counts.
However when we ordered a new batch the company name had changed and when run on the machine in solution mode was heavily contaminated with Iodine(127I) and Lead. Even at a 1 to 1 billion dilution the Iodine was well into the millions of Dual counts and the lead was also in the millions.
https://ibb.co/j6JCxyy Old Ficoll 1/1Billion
https://ibb.co/P4KvxWJ Old Ficoll 1/1Million
https://ibb.co/Pm4Xm6h New Ficoll 1/1Billion

This new bottle is labeled: Cytiva Ficoll-Paque PLUS, 17144003, lot 10303369 in 500ml bottles. Aside from the changed company name and lot number the labels are practically identical.

Does anyone have a recommendation for alternative ficoll sources? Have you run into this issue previously? Any additional information is appreciated.



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Post Wed Oct 20, 2021 2:32 pm

Re: Contaminated Ficol

Hi Justin,

I don't see your attachments in your Cytoforum post on the website. I do see them as URLs in your email, but you might want to add another post with the actual URLs rather than inserting them as clickable links into "Image".

It looks like Cytiva incorporates GE Healthcare: https://atmpsweden.se/news/ge-healthcar ... to-cytiva/

I can't comment on the Lead; that shouldn't be there.

However, the Iodine is from the "Paque", and you would always see that in solution mode:

However, depending on how good you are at avoiding the Ficoll layer when isolating PBMCs, and how much you wash them (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=556&p=1822&hilit=ficoll+iodine#p1822 ), you should hopefully be able to keep the iodine levels low enough you can still used IdU in your experiments.


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