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IgM for fixed blood

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IgM for fixed blood

Hi everyone,

We are trying to design an Ab panel to stain peripheral blood samples fixed with Proteomic Stabilizer. When titrating IgM (clone MHM-88), we could observe a high expression on T cells, most likely due to fixation.

I would like to ask if anyone has used a different IgM clone that works well with fixed blood.

Thanks in advance!




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Re: IgM for fixed blood


I don't have experience with other clones of IgM ab, so feel free to stop reading here as this won't be an explicit answer to your question.

We've had success using MHM-88 post-fix staining. It's certainly dimmer in post-fix for an equivalent titer, but we haven't had T cells show up as highly positive. IgM/D plots for T and B Cells from whole blood/whole blood post-fix/and regular live PBMCs:

Are your IgMhi T Cells as bright as IgM+ CD19+ cells? Are other cell populations? It could be a case of increased overall background. We've had that problem with other Ig staining (IgG/IgA) in post-smarttube samples, and I chalk that up to the cells being fixed in situ in human blood - with all the endogenous plasma Ig's being fixed right onto the surface of the cells.

Could you share your collection+staining protocol? Wonder where the differences lie.


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