Post Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:06 pm

FFPE antibodies

Hi all,

One of the main challenges I have faced in working with IMC is finding antibodies that work on FFPE tissues. There are plenty available and many have been added to the Fluidigm catalog, but you still have to spend quite a while searching the web to find validated antibodies. In order to help with this, I am attaching here the curated catalog from Cell Signaling Technologies that I have scraped from their website which includes all antibodies that should work on paraffin embedded sections. CST antibodies are very good and their validation is spot on so I have confidence that all of these antibodies should work. They do custom formulations on request so that we can get it carrier free for conjugation. If enough people express interest in this they may even be open to having conjugation-ready antibodies in the future (this is only my speculation).

If anyone else would like to share lists of clones that they have validated, I am sure it will be useful to the entire community and eliminate duplication of effort. I will do the same as I test and develop lists of working clones from multiple sources.

Santhosh Sivajothi