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UCSD is looking for a Mass Cytometry Core Director. Please see this link to apply: ... b/23490823

Under general supervision of the PI, incumbent will assist in complex studies with molecular and cellular methods using human ex vivo model systems, while serving as the head operator for the UCSD mass cytometry service core. Responsible for performing suspension and imaging mass and flow cytometry (incl. cell sorting), antibody conjugation and titration, immuno fluorescence analysis, and quantitative (real-time) PCR to make significant research contribution to the laboratory. Performs core operations, including scheduling, processing and running of samples, and maintenance of antibody library. Coordinates human sample collection with clinical partners and organizes processing, stimulation, and biobanking of samples. Assists in animal (mouse in vivo) studies including surgeries and injections. Performs other related functions as required. This individual will assist in complex research on reproductive immunology, neuroimmunology of pregnancy, and prediction and prevention of human pregnancy complications. Incumbent will perform experimental procedures requiring ingenuity, resourcefulness, and adaptability to special and changing needs of research.

Theoretical and practical knowledge of life science such as biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry including relevant laboratory techniques acquired through a combination of extensive study and experience.

Strong experience with cell culture, mass cytometry, flow cytometry, cell characterization assays, and/or molecular biology methods.

Ability to set up, organize, administrate, and oversee a new service core for researchers at UCSD and beyond.

Strong research laboratory experience with techniques including cell culture and molecular biology methods.

Demonstrated experience in analysis and management of complex data.

Experience with Cal-OSHA & UCSD EH&S safety requirements including MSDS's, hazard communication & Injury and Illness Prevention Program; laboratory safety precautions including appropriate clothing and shoes, use of protective items such as gloves and goggles as well as basic first aid procedures.

Strong experience in immune phenotyping of human or mouse cells.

Experience overseeing research projects.

Ability to interface appropriately (with diplomacy and in confidentiality) with campus staff and investigators.

Excellent communication and record keeping skills.

Ability to train other investigators in the lab and have experience in this training.

Demonstrated ability to set priorities and to organize a varied workload to meet deadlines despite frequent interruptions.

Demonstrated ability with animal (mouse) techniques, colony maintenance, and mouse models of pregnancy.

MD and/or PhD in Biology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Reproductive Biology, or related area of Biomedical Sciences.

Demonstrated publication history as first author in peer-reviewed English language journals.

Employment is subject to a criminal background check.

Willing to work with hazardous materials (biological and chemical) as well as human tissues and animals.

Willing to work various hours and weekends as experimental protocols demand.

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