Post Fri Jul 10, 2015 5:22 pm

Please add your alternative email

Dear CyTOForum members,
I would like to ask that you add an alternative email address to your member profile. Please use this link:

The reason for this request is that recently multiple members have had their registered email address stop working. I believe this is because these members changed positions - hopefully to move up in the field!

When a member's email address is invalid, I am forced to deactivate the account, and the member may end up loosing his / her user name and posting history.
An alternative email address that is not associated with your university or company would help me reach out to you in such cases and preserve your member privileges.

I know it's a hassle, but as we grow (and boy have we grown), some of these admin issues creep up to the point where they can no longer be ignored.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message, to participate in discussions, and to add your alternative email address.

The Alternative Email field is at the bottom of the Edit Profile the page, when you're done please click the yellow Submit button to accept the change. Here is the link again: