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French Mass cytometry thematic days - 29 & 30 March

Hi Worldwide Massists :)

Registration is open for the 4th Mass Cytometry congress organized by the French Cytometry Association and the CyTOF group France to be held in Paris on 29 and 30 March 2022.
This congress covers several aspects of the latest advances in mass cytometry and mass imaging in the fields of infectious diseases, oncology, hematology and data analysis.


Brice Gaudillière (Stanford University, California, USA)
Gregory Hamm (AstraZeneca, Cambridge, UK)
Franck Verdonck (Intensive care department, Saint-Antoine, AP-HP, Paris, France)
Matthieu Van Tilbeurgh (CEA, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France)
Nils Eling (Department of Quantitative Biomedicine, University of Zurich and Institute for Molecular Health Sciences, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Full program and registration here:
Looking forward to seeing you in march in Paris!
Best regards !

Anne-Sophie Chrétien & Olivier Molendi-Coste for the french CyTOF group

AS Chretien
Associate professor
Team Immunity and Cancer
Immunomonitoring department
Paoli Calmettes Institute, CRCM
Marseille, France

Olivier Molendi-Coste, PhD
Plateau d'Immunophénotypage Métabolique (PIM)
European Genomic Institute for Diabetes (EGID)
Institut Pasteur de Lille
Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire de Lille
INSERM UMR 1011, Team 3
Université de Lille
Bâtiment EGID, Pôle recherche
Boulevard du professeur Jules Leclercq
59000 - Lille - France