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2024-Amatangelo et al-Cell Rep Med

"Pharmacodynamic changes in tumor and immune cells drive iberdomide's clinical mechanisms of activity in relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma"
Michael Amatangelo, Erin Flynt, Nicholas Stong, Pradipta Ray, Oliver Van Oekelen, Maria Wang, Maria Ortiz, Paulo Maciag, Teresa Peluso, Samir Parekh, Niels W C J van de Donk, Sagar Lonial, Anjan Thakurta
Cell Rep Med. 2024

- no CyTOF dataset accession given
- "The datasets used in this study are from an ongoing clinical trial of iberdomide in multiple myeloma that is sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb (CC-220-MM-001 [NCT02773030]). The data from this study are not publicly available due to patient privacy concerns and because the clinical trial is currently ongoing. To request access to the data, please contact the lead contact, and also submit a request for access to This is the mailbox for BMS' Clinical Trial Transparency (CTT) organization who manages the external distribution of data generated as part of a BMS study. Upon receiving a request, the CTT reviews the request and if approved, notifies EGA to release the data to the requestor. The lead contact can help connect you with a member of the CTT organization. Detailed questions on submitting a request can also be directed to The requestor must describe the objectives of the research project for which the data will be used. Data access will be considered for research purposes and non-commercial use only. In order to ensure patient privacy, access to personally identifiable information or sensitive clinical information will not be provided, and requests for data access must rigorously adhere to the consent agreements established with study participants."