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2023-Liu et al-Sci Rep

"Single cell profiling at the maternal-fetal interface reveals a deficiency of PD-L1+ non-immune cells in human spontaneous preterm labor"
Xiao Liu, Ivy Aneas, Noboru Sakabe, Rebecca L Anderson, Christine Billstrand, Cristina Paz, Harjot Kaur, Brian Furner, Seong Choi, Adriana Y Prichina, Elizabeth Ann L Enninga, Haidong Dong, Amy Murtha, Gregory E Crawford, John A Kessler, William Grobman, Marcelo A Nobrega, Sarosh Rana, Carole Ober
Sci Rep. 2023, 13, 7903

- "Data availability All CyTOF data generated or analyzed during this study are available at