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2022-Padrón et al-Nat Med

"Sotigalimab and/or nivolumab with chemotherapy in first-line metastatic pancreatic cancer: clinical and immunologic analyses from the randomized phase 2 PRINCE trial"
Lacey J Padrón, Deena M Maurer, Mark H O'Hara, Eileen M O'Reilly, Robert A Wolff, Zev A Wainberg, Andrew H Ko, George Fisher, Osama Rahma, Jaclyn P Lyman, Christopher R Cabanski, Jia Xin Yu, Shannon M Pfeiffer, Marko Spasic, Jingying Xu, Pier Federico Gherardini, Joyson Karakunnel, Rosemarie Mick, Cécile Alanio, Katelyn T Byrne, Travis J Hollmann, Jonni S Moore, Derek D Jones, Marco Tognetti, Richard O Chen, Xiaodong Yang, Lisa Salvador, E John Wherry, Ute Dugan, Jill O'Donnell-Tormey, Lisa H Butterfield, Vanessa M Hubbard-Lucey, Ramy Ibrahim, Justin Fairchild, Samantha Bucktrout, Theresa M LaVallee, Robert H Vonderheide
Nat Med. 2022, 28, 1167-1177

- "Data availability

Summary datasets generated during and/or analyzed during the current study are available in the GitHub repository ParkerICI/prince-trial-data. These datasets include a de-identified limited clinical dataset with demographic and response information for each patient, processed RNA sequencing files and summary tables of cell proportions found via mIF, CyTOF and flow cytometry. The full clinical dataset generated in this study is considered commercially sensitive and, therefore, is not publicly available. Requests for additional clinical data should be emailed to the corresponding author and should include a brief description of the proposed analysis. Requests for data access will be reviewed individually, and a decision will be communicated within 4 weeks of receipt. Data might be shared in the form of aggregate data summaries and via a data transfer agreement, which will outline any potential restrictions on data use. Individual patient-level raw data containing confidential or identifiable patient information are subject to patient privacy and cannot be shared."