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2023-Patel et al-preprint

PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2023 3:43 pm
by mleipold
"Cyclone: an accessible pipeline to analyze, evaluate and optimize multiparametric cytometry data"
Ravi K Patel, Rebecca G Jaszczak, Im Kwok, Nicholas D Carey, Tristan Courau, Daniel Bunis, Bushra Samad, Lia Avanesyan, Nayvin W Chew, Sarah Stenske, Jillian M Jespersen, Jean Publicover, Austin Edwards, Mohammad Naser, Arjun A Rao, Leonard Lupin-Jimenez, Matthew F Krummel, Stewart Cooper, Jody Baron, Alexis J Combes, Gabriela K Fragiadakis
bioRxiv, posted March 11, 2023

- will update when/if this is peer-reviewed and published

- no dataset accession given

Re: 2023-Patel et al-preprint

PostPosted: Tue Sep 05, 2023 10:05 pm
by mleipold
Now published:

Front Immunol. 2023, 14, 1167241

- "The FCS files for the CyTOF experiments used in this study are deposited and publicly available at FlowRepository ("
- "Sorry, you do not have access to the specified experiment."