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2022-Roelands et al-Gut

"Transcriptomic and immunophenotypic profiling reveals molecular and immunological hallmarks of colorectal cancer tumourigenesis"
Jessica Roelands, Manon van der Ploeg, Marieke E Ijsselsteijn, Hao Dang, Jurjen J Boonstra, James C H Hardwick, Lukas J A C Hawinkels, Hans Morreau, Noel F C C de Miranda
Gut. 2022

- "Data availability statement

Data are available in a public, open access repository. The GeoMx raw and normalised data is available via FigShare Imaging Mass Cytometry files (mcd files) and the corresponding annotation file are shared on BioImage Archive (Accession number S-BIAD587, ... /S-BIAD587)."