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2022-Kaushik et al-Nat Commun

"CD8+ T cell differentiation status correlates with the feasibility of sustained unresponsiveness following oral immunotherapy"
Abhinav Kaushik, Diane Dunham, Xiaorui Han, Evan Do, Sandra Andorf, Sheena Gupta, Andrea Fernandes, Laurie Elizabeth Kost, Sayantani B Sindher, Wong Yu, Mindy Tsai, Robert Tibshirani, Scott D Boyd, Manisha Desai, Holden T Maecker, Stephen J Galli, R Sharon Chinthrajah, Rosemarie H DeKruyff, Monali Manohar, Kari C Nadeau
Nat Commun. 2022, 13, 6646

- "Data availability
The raw unlabeled POISED Mass Cytometry dataset files generated in this study in FCS 3.0 format, associated metadata, and the gating schema have been deposited in the FlowRepository database under accession codes FR-FCM-Z4MA and FR-FCM-Z2V9. The processed CSV files are provided in the Source Data file, which is available on the dryad digital repository under the DOI accession 10.5061/dryad.95x69p8p6."

FR-FCM-Z4MA: new data
FR-FCM-Z2V9: originally from CyAnno paper ( 2020-Kaushik et al-preprint/2021-Bioinformatics and 2019-Chinthrajah et al-Lancet)