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2022-Lu et al-preprint

PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2022 3:46 pm
by mleipold
"IMC-Denoise: a content aware denoising pipeline to enhance Imaging Mass Cytometry"
Peng Lu, Karolyn A Oetjen, Diane E Bender, Marianna B Ruzinova, Daniel AC Fisher, Kevin G Shim, Russell K Pachynski, W Nathaniel Brennen, Stephen Oh, Daniel C Link, Daniel LJ Thorek
bioRxiv, posted July 22, 2022

- will update when/if this is peer-reviewed and published

- "We demonstrate theflexibility and effectiveness of the proposed pipeline on publicly available IMC datasets of pancreatic cancer [10], breast cancer [12], a MIBI dataset [19], and a technically challenging unique human bone marrow dataset."
pancreatic cancer: 2019-Wang et al- Cell Metab
breast cancer: 2020-Jackson et al-Nature
MIBI dataset: 2021-Baranski et al-PLoS Comput Biol
Human Bone Marrow: "The human bone marrow IMC data and simulated data are available from Zenodo "

Re: 2022-Lu et al-preprint

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2023 4:23 pm
by mleipold
Now published:

Nat Commun. 2023, 14, 1601