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2020-Neidleman et al-preprint

"The Atlas of the In Vivo HIV CD4 T Cell Reservoir"
Jason Neidleman, Xiaoyu Luo, Julie Frouard, Guorui Xie, Feng Hsiao, Tongcui Ma, Vincent Morcilla, Ashley Lee, Sushama Telwatte, Reuben Thomas, Whitney Tamaki, Benjamin Wheeler, Rebecca Hoh, Poonam Vohra, Jeffrey Milush, Katherine Sholtis James, Nancie Archin, Peter W. Hunt, Steven G. Deeks, Steven A. Yukl, Sarah Palmer, Warner C. Greene, Nadia R. Roan
bioRxiv, posted June 28, 2020

- will update when/if this is peer-reviewed and published

Raw CyTOF datasets have been made publically available through the public repository Dryad
and is accessible via the following link: "

- DOI not active yet