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2022-Krishnarajah et al-Nat Aging

"Single-cell profiling of immune system alterations in lymphoid, barrier and solid tissues in aged mice"
Sinduya Krishnarajah, Florian Ingelfinger, Ekaterina Friebel, Dilay Cansever, Ana Amorim, Myrto Andreadou, David Bamert, Gioana Litscher, Mirjam Lutz, Maud Mayoux, Sarah Mundt, Frederike Ridder, Colin Sparano, Sebastian Anton Stifter, Can Ulutekin, Susanne Unger, Marijne Vermeer, Pascale Zwicky, Melanie Greter, Sonia Tugues, Donatella De Feo, Burkhard Becher
Nat Aging 2022, 2, 74–89

- "Data availability FCS files of the mass and spectral flow-cytometry data as well as extended data relating to cell counts are available for download through the following repository link:
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