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Issues with SCAFFoLD

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Issues with SCAFFoLD

Hello friends!

Everything has gone well with my first stab at scaffold so far, but I've run into the same issue three times now. All the data has been processed under the "run clustering" tab, but then I move to the "run scaffold analysis" step and select the first fcs file and the page goes dark and says it's processing, but it just stays like this for over an hour... anyone else experience this issue? Does this step usually take a long time? What should I be using as my reference file? I assumed I would use a file from my data set, but perhaps I need the reference file from Spitzer et al, 2015?

Thanks! :mrgreen:

Here's a pic of the issue:
https://user-images.githubusercontent.c ... 648e83.png



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Re: Issues with SCAFFoLD

I used Scaffold once, but I am using Shiny interfaces regularly. Usually, the interface goes grey when the code stops. I think you should look at the R/Rstudio console and report what is there.

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