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Alternative source for just the X8 Polymers

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Post Mon Jan 24, 2022 4:22 pm

Alternative source for just the X8 Polymers

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well and had a restful and peaceful break.

Over the years, my lab has accumulated lots of lanthanide metal but as we conjugate antibodies to all sorts of metals outside of the Fluidigm catalogue, we began to run out of the X8 polymers quite quickly. So as the subject states, does anyone know of any vendors/labs who sell the X8 polymer as a standalone item? Would be extremely useful/beneficial for our lab. Would also be happy to team up with other labs if a big order is required to get the X8 polymers as a standalone item.

Looking forward in hearing from everyone soon,

Jahangir Sufi



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Post Mon Jan 24, 2022 7:46 pm

Re: Alternative source for just the X8 Polymers

Hi Jahangir,

To the best of my knowledge, Fluidigm doesn't sell X8 except in MAXPAR kits (ie, with metals). And they haven't licensed it for distribution for any other supplier.

In short: I don't think you have another option for X8.


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