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IL6 stimulation in mice

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Post Wed Mar 04, 2020 9:26 am

IL6 stimulation in mice

Hello all :)

We usually stimulate human whole blood with IL-6 for 15 minutes and stabilize using SmartTubes (immediately followed by -80 freezing).

We would like to now repeat this procedure with mice, using the PROT1 buffer (from SmartTube, without the actual tubes). Do you happen to know the concentration of IL6 and stimulation time needed for this? Alternatively - do you happen to know a paper where the authors performed such an experiment?

Any help would be appreciated greatly!




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Re: IL6 stimulation in mice

Hi Mayan,

We typically stimulate whole blood (human or mouse) with 100ng/mL IL-6 for 15 minutes and get a robust pSTAT3 response in T-cells and monocytes.


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