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It is fine to promote your company's reagents. Just make sure they are relevant to CyTOF, and do so in moderation and style :-)



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Post Thu Nov 21, 2019 12:12 pm


I am looking at buying some Holmium 165 and see it is sold as chloride and as nitrate. Which would be the best format to get?



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Re: Holmium

Both forms are water soluble, so either is fine. Just make sure to get "trace metals basis" 99.9+% pure.

Also, dissolve it in something slightly acidic, as the Ln series is more stable in acidic solutions. L buffer usually works, as does MilliQ water with a bit of nitric acid added (100uL of 3% nitric in 10mL MilliQ...doesn't need to be much)

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