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Outsourcing custom conjugation services

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Post Tue Jul 30, 2019 1:26 pm

Outsourcing custom conjugation services

We are in the process of evaluating the pros and cons of in-house vs. outsourcing antibody labeling and custom conjugations. I would greatly appreciate forum members input regarding (company or institution) quality, reliability, and pricing on the outsourcing side of the equation and any caveats with regards to the in-house scenario. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Jay Enten
University of Miami
Flow Cytometry Shared Resource



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Re: Outsourcing custom conjugation services

We currently offer in our core in-house antibody conjugation services. At the moment our pricing is pretty modest since the demand for conjugations is intermittent, so pricing is enough to cover the cost of conjugation kits and labor on our part. At the moment we only offer conjugation and protein recovery strictly, we have not implemented metal content or validation staining on cells. Our antibody recoveries tend to be in the 70% or greater range depending on the antibody and manufacturer. We've only ever done it in house and right now it is just one pair of hands that performs the conjugation so we tend to be fairly consistent in our process.

We do offer services for external institutions/companies and we could work with you or anyone else interested in having conjugations done.

University of Virginia
Flow Cytometry Core Facility



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Post Tue Jul 30, 2019 4:01 pm

Re: Outsourcing custom conjugation services

Hi Jay,

Our core has been conjugating antibodies as a service since 2012 and are currently consuming approximately 400 maxpar X8 reactions per year. The largest advantage of in-house is the turn around time and cost. The disadvantage is that it can take the better part of the day, especially when conjugating multiple antibodies. Also, if your inventory is not large enough you may not have all the necessary metal options in stock.
Each 40 reaction kit comes with a choice of 10 metals, so to fill out a full panel you would need at least 4 kits. My recommendation would be to go the in-house route if you’re anticipating demand for at least 3-4 x 40 reactions kits per year, otherwise I would recommend outsourcing.

FLDM offers a conjugation service: https://www.fluidigm.com/singlearticles ... on-service - Keep an eye out for the new Cadmium metals with MCP9 polymer later this year.

Ion Path offers conjugation kits which I believe use the same maleimide-sulfhydryl cross-linking chemistry as the X8: https://www.ionpath.com/antibody-conjugation-kit/

Expedon may be offering metal chelating polymer conjugation kits later this year that cross-links through primary amines: https://www.expedeon.com/

-Greg Chang
The SickKids - UHN FMCF
Toronto, Canada

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