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Impact of cisplatin on phospho




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Impact of cisplatin on phospho


I am about to begin my main set of cyTOF experiments and I was wondering whether anyone had any experience using cisplatin for viability then doing phospho flow? I know on the fluidigm website it says it doesn't interfere with PMA but they don't make any claims for anything else. Has anyone found it to interfere with their signal?




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Re: Impact of cisplatin on phospho

Hi Kate,

As stated in the Fluidigm cisplatin TDS, the primary literature for cisplatin as a viability indicator is the 2012 Fienberg et al paper:


In it, they demonstrate that cisplatin at the levels used for viability staining do not affect pervandate signalling (Fig 4), nor DNA Damage Response or Apoptosis out to at least 6 hr (Fig 5). Even taking into account post-cisplatin wash steps immediately prior to stim, your cells should be fixed prior to any effect on signalling.


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