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questions about bacterial staining




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questions about bacterial staining

Hi there,

I'm interested in using mass cytometry to distinguish between different serotypes of a particular bacterial strain. Leipold et al. (2011) described problems with using Ir as a diagnostic signal for bacterial staining and instead validated the use of di-N-dodecylamine lanthanide as an alternative. Can this be bought or must it be synthesized? Has anybody tried another signal?





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Re: questions about bacterial staining

Hi Anjali,

We prepared the compound ourselves.

However, Scifinder lists a few commercial sources for C38 H73 N5 O8, CAS Registry Number 102836-55-5 (the tri-acid form, not the trisodium form we made. Trisodium form is CAS Registry Number 1345966-51-9, but could be prepared from the tri-acid by sodium hydroxide or other sodium base).

We didn't discuss it in the paper directly, but we tried other compounds like the dioctyl (2xC8) and tetraoctyl DTPA (4xC8). The dioctyl DTPA didn't stably associate: it kept streaking/leaking off. The tetraoctyl DTPA was fairly stable in association, but had water solubility issues....generally, at least a small amount of ethanol was necessary to solubilize it fully to a usable concentration.

The didodecyl (2xC12), though, was surprisingly water-soluble.


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