Post Fri Oct 17, 2014 8:54 pm

DVS/Fluidigm website: white papers, additional info

Hi all,

Fluidigm (formerly DVS) has a range of white papers and guides on CyTOF machines, as well as maintenance, panel design and development, and other useful topics on their website. This is Fluidigm's official take on these topics.
(Note: I am posting this as an informative post, as a number of users are not aware of this resource. This is not inherently meant to endorse or not endorse. :)

In order to access this, you should create an account here:

Once you have submitted your contact details, Fluidigm will promote the account to customer-level which then provides access to all of their latest technical literature, protocols, user manuals, training materials etc.

Logging in today (Fri Oct 17, 2014), I see that there is even more information than the last time I logged in.

There are the following topics:
*Panel Design User Guide (pdf)
*MaxPar Panel Designer (interactive)

*Technical Literature
-AppNotes and Guides
-White Papers
-User Guides

*Webinars (currently empty)

*Grant Support
-Guide to Writing a Successful CyTOF Grant Application

-Training Presentations
-Support Bulletins

-Training Presentations
-Support Bulletins
-Experimental Planning


Many of these have subsections: for instance,

CyTOF2/Training Presentations:
CyTOF and CyTOF2 Antibody Labeling with MaxPar Metals
CyTOF and CyTOF2 Panel Design
CyTOF and CyTOF2 Sample Acquisition
CyTOF2 Autotuning
CyTOF2 Maintenance
CyTOF2 Manual Tuning
CyTOF2 Safety
CyTOF2 System Overview
Data Normalization

Especially for users just receiving their machines or getting started in panel development, these should be useful.