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RFG controller - Plasma startup failure

Dear Cytoforum users,

I am seeking information regarding the RFG system on the Helios machine. I am experiencing a total failure to ignite plasma in our Helios lately. Our Helios is on operation for about 3.5 years and never had this before.

After troubleshooting on various issues that can affect plasma startup it has come down to the RFG. I get no blue led indication on the box during plasma startup sequence and plasma startup sequence fails after three attempts to ignite. I noticed that the actual Factual power value remains at 0.000 when plasma goes from idle to warm up mode.

I am still liaising with FDM engineers to identify the exact problem but one of the suggested problems currently is RFG controller failure.

- Has anyone experienced anything similar?
- How much did it cost to replace this? (I have receive a quotation from our FDM distributor here in Greece to replace RFG controller for approx 20.000 euros plus 3.500 for work involved)
- What is the function of the RFG test button? (next to the vacuum button)

Nikolaos Paschalidis, Ph.D. 8-)
CyTOF Lab, BRFAA, Greece.
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