Post Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:37 pm

CyTOF2 Vacuum

Hi everyone,
I am encountering a problem with starting up the CyTOF2.
Last week we had to shut down the CyTOF due to regular power shutdown.

When we tried to start up again on Monday morning, we always failed to get the vacuum inside the CyTOF therefore cannot start the machine.

After we turn on the vacuum switch, VG1 light up in 2~3 minute, TP2 follows around 6 minutes after that, but TP1 and VG never light up. After 25-30 minutes later light on the TP2 and VG1 turns off automatically as well.
RFG, Torch, Shield, Air, Argon were all turned on and the gate is closed while this was happening.

Argon gas supply and pressure was ok, we even tried keeping the supply on over night and start up in the morning but we are still experiencing same problem.

Anyone have experience a similar problem before?

Thank you!