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The new Gaussian parameters from Helios

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The new Gaussian parameters from Helios


Recently changed from a CyTOF1 to a the Helios system. I can't find much information on the 4 new parameters added to FCS files by Helios - width, residual, centre and offset. Could anyone point me in the direction of where these are explained or how we can use them to gate out ion fusion events? Is it as simple as just gating the large population as in the attached 2 plots? Do people now use these routinely as part of their gating strategy?


Many thanks,



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Re: The new Gaussian parameters from Helios

Hi David,
I contacted Fluidigm at the end of April asking about the whitepaper concerning the gaussian parameters. They have been working on it (for the past year at least) and something should appear soon, which I guess means it will be at least another year




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Re: The new Gaussian parameters from Helios

Hi David,

Attached is a document I received from Fluidigm in September of 2016 that describes the Gaussian Discrimination Parameters. I don’t think anyone in our facility is using these parameters for doublet discrimination.

Gaussian Discrimination Recommendations.pdf
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