Post Mon Jan 20, 2020 8:23 pm

cytofkit: take care of file names

When FCS file names look similar, cytofkit is internally misled when exporting FCS files. This occurs in the special case where one filename is equal to another filename plus a prefix (suffix has not been tested). For example, if a file is called 11_normal.fcs, it will be confused with file called any_prefix_11_normal.fcs, XX11_normal.fcss, etc.
A quick and solid workaround is to define file names that cannot be included (aka found) in another filename. In the example, it consists in adding a prefix to the file 11_normal.fcs.
This bug can cause a "subscript out of bounds" error at the end of the calculation when new columns are added to FCS files. But it could also be silent.
So, check carefully the list of FCS file names, and happy cytofkit.
A note for programmers: this is a side effect of grep.