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Fluidigm debarcoding metrics

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Post Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:18 pm

Fluidigm debarcoding metrics

I'm looking at the results from the Fluidigm debarcoding tool and I'm wondering about two metrics.

- Barcode Separation Distance. Is this the same metric covered by Zunder et al.?
- Estimated Barcode Yield. Any idea what this is? How it's calculated?

I also noticed "efficiency" and "separation", does Fluidigm have any material on what these metrics mean and how they're calculated?



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Re: Fluidigm debarcoding metrics

Barcoding Separation, I believe is a similar metric as Zunder, it works in the same principle as described in the paper.

The efficiency is the percentage of events in a file that the software is able to accurately assign to a barcode group. This can be a function of the separation and the mahalanobis distance, which can be manually manipulated in the software.

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