Post Fri Aug 23, 2019 7:20 am

Log width bar plots like PlotViewer - R script

Hi all,

In case it's useful to others, I've created another Github repo for an R script that creates bar plots like Fluidigm's PlotViewer program, but for user-selected (or every) parameter.

i.e. a Barchart where the X-axis is a log scale and the bars get thinner (visually) but wider (bin width) as the values increase. It's not *exactly* like PlotViewer's, but pretty close I think.

I find this a nice way to get a quick overview of a CyTOF run, similar to my previous script that does time plots a bit like Cytobank (linked in the Github repo).

As a (newish) technician / operator, it's nice for me to see things quickly, like contamination and Ir / Pt / Pd staining quiality to provide feedback to users.

I also really enjoy messing with plots / graphs / Excel etc, so this is a fun way to learn to code, which I've not really done prior to this role (except some basic things like AutoHotkey when I had a lot of repetitive tasks).

Here's the Github repo.

As always, improvements etc. appreciated. I realise most of you are probably WAY more advanced, and probably (hopefully!) doing some real science, as opposed to just messing with the CyTOF output as I'm not a researcher!


Here's an example output: