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CyTOF Research Technician - Weill Cornell Medicine (New York

Title: Research Technician II
Location: Weill Cornell Medicine, 413 E 69th St (Upper East Side) , New York, NY, USA 10021
Org Unit: Englander Institute for Precision Medicine, ICB Physiology and Biophysics
Work Days: Monday-Friday
Exemption Status: Full time, Non-exempt

Position Summary:
At the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine (EIPM) we strive to be at the forefront of translational research. Cytometry by time-of-flight (CyTOF) is a recently developed technology for the real-time analysis of single cells and is a powerful tool expected to have significant clinical applications. CyTOF technology can be used to screen drug candidates for changes in immunophenotype or cell function.
A CyTOF coupled to the Hyperion Imaging System will enable our researchers to monitor the activity of individual protein targets simultaneously from a single scan, without signal overlap.

The candidate will be trained on CyTOF mass cytomety analysis. The candidate will have an opportunity to collaborate with various eminent faculties to work on translational research projects in cancer biology, autoimmunity, infectious diseases, neuroscience, aging & regenerative medicine and various other technology development projects.

Key responsibilities include the operation, calibration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of mass cytometers and related equipment, sample preparation and staining, data acquisition, data analysis and result documentation. The candidate will also participate and contribute to assay development protocols.

Job Responsibilities:
● Perform instrument QC protocols and maintain calibrations/tunings reports of cytometers.
● Preparation, maintenance, and documentation of cytometry-related reagents including antibody library.
● Perform data acquisition, data analysis, results documentation and backing-up of data as per Core procedures.
● Perform sample preparation and sample staining as required for each immunophenotyping assay.
● Design and optimize immunophenotyping assay protocols to identify and validate new targets.
● Follow safe laboratory procedures including use and disposal of chemicals and hazardous materials.
● Conduct minor repairs, coordinate preventive maintenance and repairs for the cytometers as needed.
● Responsible for receipt, storage, cataloging and shipment of samples within and between institutions.
● Train new users including research technicians, post-doctoral fellows, grad students and faculties.
● Order and track lab essentials.
● Contribute to building a culture that embraces scientific excellence, service integrity, efficiency, teamwork, and continuous learning and improvement.
● Act as a liaison between users and the Fluidigm field applications specialist

● Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in biological sciences, engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer sciences, or related fields.

● Prior experience with performing mass cytometry experiments is preferred.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
● Excellent hands-on techniques such as pipetting.
● Good organizational skills to handle multiple tasks in a busy environment.
● Ability to prioritize tasks and stick to the deadline.
● Physical dexterity to execute routine laboratory tasks.
● Bootstrapper attitude, attention to details, execution of protocols with precision and accuracy.
● Familiarity with Microsoft tools such as Excel, PowerPoint, and outlook.
● Excellent communication skills including written and verbal and a good team player.
● Ability to follow biosafety guidelines and sterile technique when needed.
● A minimum of 2-year commitment.

Interview Timeline:
The interview will be conducted in two rounds: the first round is conducted virtually by Zoom (or other teleconference platform), and final candidates will be invited to visit Weill Cornell for a lab tour and a comprehensive hands-on skill test.