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Research Technician I - Human Immune Monitoring Core @ WCM

The Human Immune Monitoring Core (HIMC) at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City is seeking a highly motivated and talented technician to join our team. The HIMC is an innovation-oriented high-tech service center with state-of-the-art instrumentation for advanced immunology studies. Current technology platforms include Cytek Aurora (high-parametric spectral flow cytometry), CyTOF (high-parametric mass cytometry), Hyperion (high-parametric tissue imaging by mass cytometry), and 10x Genomics (multiomic single-cell analysis, immune profiling, and spatial transcriptomics).

At HIMC, the candidate will have opportunities to work with many renowned scientists and physicians at Weill Cornell Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Rockefeller University, and other world-renowned institutions in the area, on both basic and translational research projects in cancer biology & immunotherapy, inflammation & autoimmunity, infectious diseases, neuroscience, aging & regenerative medicine, and various other cutting-edge immunology research and technology development projects.

Key responsibilities include: operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of advanced cytometry and imaging instruments; preparation of samples and reagents; and assistance with assay development and optimization.

Job Responsibilities
Prepares and maintains detailed records, logs and summary reports of all procedures and results including graphs, scientific calculations, and statistical analysis charting.
May be responsible for tissue & cell culture activities.
May be responsible for animal husbandry, genotyping, surgeries, post-operative care, behavioral testing, sectioning and histology.
May perform routine molecular biology laboratory procedures, such as PCR, protein and DNA electrophoresis, cloning and DNA preparation.
May run routine biochemistry assays including western blotting and RT-PCR.
May perform microscopic imaging analyses.
May be responsible for the receipt, storage, cataloguing and shipment of samples within and between institutions.
Ensures a clean working area and is responsible for washing and storing glassware.
Ensures that safe laboratory practices are followed, including the use and disposal of chemicals and hazardous materials.
Analyzes data using computer software and reports results to the principle investigator(s).
Provides technical support to faculty and staff including training of new employees, residents, postdoctoral associates, fellows and students.
Participates in planning and carrying out experiments. Assists in preparing research protocols.
Conducts library research and literature searches using various computer systems. Assists in editing scientific publications, abstracts and posters.
Maintains inventory of supplies, equipment and/or reagents. May order supplies/equipment/reagents as authorized or ensure that needs are escalated appropriately. Receives supply orders and confirms accuracy of delivery. May assist with cost control.
Ensures that facilities and equipment are in optimal and proper working condition. Coordinates preventative maintenance and repairs as needed. May perform minor repairs if qualified and as needed. May advise on upgrades for performance enhancements.

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's or Master's degree in biological sciences, engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, or related fields.
Some bench lab/software related experience - familiarity and excellent skills with PCR-clean molecular biology and aseptic techniques; prior experience with cytometry or tissue imaging can be helpful but is not required, as training will be provided; familiarity with Excel or spreadsheet software.
Minimum two-year commitment due to a substantial training effort associated with the position.

Other responsibilities include:

Operate and maintain the Aurora/FACS, CyTOF/Hyperion, 10x Genomics, and/or other state-of-the-art instruments of HIMC.
Prepare and manage reagents. Perform reagent validation, titration, and QC.
Process clinical specimens and prepare cells and slides for analysis.
Maintain a detailed, up-to-date, and accurate record of samples, reagents, processing notes, and instrument QC log. Organize laboratory inventories and place orders.
Perform routine data processing tasks and QC procedures and participate in advanced data analysis projects.
Perform other tasks on assay development, sample preparation, data analysis, and user training as assigned by the core director.
Contribute to building a culture that embraces scientific excellence, service integrity, efficiency, teamwork, and continuous learning and improvement.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Demonstrated organizational skills and ability to pay close attention to detail.
Ability to plan and prioritize work while responding flexibly to rapidly changing priorities.
Licenses and Certifications

Working Conditions/Physical Demands
Standard laboratory conditions.
Ability to work flexible hours.
This position may handle radioactive material and/or biologic materials from human subjects as required.
This position may require standing or sitting for long periods of time.
This role may require working within Biologic Safety Level 1, 2 and/or 3 facilities

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