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Position wanted

Hi everyone!

My name is Hester Koppejan and I’m currently finishing up my PhD within the Department of
Rheumatology at the Leiden University Medical Center (the Netherlands). I thought this forum
would be a nice opportunity to post a message to see if anyone is looking for a PostDoc/Scientist,
or knows anyone who does, preferably within Europe.

During my PhD I was involved in multiple projects, investigating auto-antibodies, auto-reactive T
cells and Mucosal-Associated T cells. I also participated in two industry-partner projects (Pfeizer and
Eli Lilly) investigating JAK inhibition in vitro. All projects involved multiple techniques such as cell
isolation/culture, ELISA, confocal microscopy and multicolour flow cytometry.

From 2017 onwards, I started three additional projects for which we used Mass Cytometry to obtain
immune profiles of early Rheumatoid Arthritis and Spondyloarthritis patients. Apart from sample
processing and data acquisition, I set up an analysis pipeline. This was a new approach withinin our
department and involved quality control and machine learning tools, combining hSNE/Cytofast/LDA.

Besides managing my own research projects, I was actively involved in coaching/training colleagues
and students in flow cytometry methods and techniques. As a result, I became the department’s
‘go-to’ when colleagues struggled with their flow experiments or data analysis.

I possess strong communication skills and enjoy doing so in both written and verbal form and have
received several awards for both. I am a dedicated problem-solver and can adapt easily to dynamic
timelines and protocols of clinical studies involving patient material.

I’ll be attending the Fluidigm BeNeLux User Group Meeting in Leiden next week, perhaps we can meet there.
Feel free to contact me either through the forum or by e-mail (

Hester Koppejan