Post Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:30 am

Data scientist - University of Colorado

The Department of Biostatistics and Informatics (BIOS) seeks a full-time doctoral trained Research Associate / Data Scientist to integrate systems immunology data with clinical data, identify novel disease-specific biomarkers with diagnostic and therapeutic applications, and conduct associated statistical analyses. This research faculty position has been created in collaboration with the Anschutz Medical Campus’ Human Immunology and Immunotherapy Initiative (HI3) and the Center for Innovative Design and Analysis (CIDA). These are two campus wide initiatives with a mission to transform new data sources into biomedical knowledge. The work place is professional and dynamic with immense learning and growth potential. The incumbent will join a growing group of Masters (10+) and Doctoral trained (9+) collaborative and consulting data scientists and biostatisticians.

The Research Associate is a key research-faculty position in the Department and CIDA. It is similar to team science track faculty positions at other institutions. A Research Associate is expected to provide high-level, professional and scientifically rigorous analytic development and support through CIDA and HI3. They are expected to become a significant contributor to HI3, partnering to define and shape the analytic infrastructure and methods used in CIDA and HI3. Specific to this position, the individual is expected to work with high-dimensional multiplexed ion beam imaging (MIBI) data. The ideal candidate will be expected to use and develop modern toolkits including, but not limited to, Python, R, MATLAB, and Github to both validate and develop data processing and data analysis pipelines. Depending on the particular collaborations interesting independent research opportunities may arise; although it is not the emphasis of the position. ... 88&lang=en ... 87&lang=en