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Sr. Scientist-Precision Genomics-Tissue and Proteomics

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Job Description

This position will lead the Tissue and Proteomics section within the Intermountain Precision Genomics department. The Tissue and Proteomics section will support ongoing research efforts throughout the system and is accountable to support and/or lead research projects and to ensure the appropriate processes are implemented according to research protocols. This role may advise the project managers regarding project identification, data collection and analysis, computer programming and integration into the Electronic Medical Record. This position designs research and assessment techniques to achieve desired outcomes and/or to comply with regulations, grant requirements, compliance, or clinical excellence initiatives. This position translates pragmatic research into clinical applications (bench-to-bedside), which may involve managing large data bases, creating reports, training clinicians / scientists / associates, and designing metrics to measure clinical outcomes resulting from translational research applied in clinical settings. This position creates the procedures for research data collection and/or electronic medical records and is responsible for managing the ongoing research efforts and integrity of existing data systems and insuring integration across the organization. This position may serve on the Research Guidance Council, developing and reviewing and/or writing grants as part of the Foundation or other scientific review group as needed, mentor junior investigators and work alongside clinicians in developing research ideas, serving on the IRB, reviewing and editing abstracts and manuscripts, serving on external scientific committees on behalf of Intermountain Healthcare or other internal research leadership positions.


This position manages multiple projects or oversees multiple and/or highly complex programs that overlap across R&D/clinical areas and may be responsible for multiple research programs within clinical operations. This position exercises a high degree of creativity, foresight, and mature judgment in planning, organizing, and guiding extensive scientific research programs and activities of outstanding novelty and/or importance. This position provides expert-level scientific, project management support and subject matter expertise and may train and lead the activity of researchers and research support staff, and may serve as a mentor to other researchers.

Essential Job Duties
1.Responsible for implementation of tissue/proteomic analysis including multiplex imaging and mass cytometry.
2.Responsible for tissue collection protocols, processing and integrity.
3.Designs study protocols, may determine methods and procedures for data collection, data management and quality control, and determines statistical techniques for data analysis. Builds and maintains study samples, and disseminates information about the project to appropriate stakeholders. Makes decisions and recommendations that have a major impact on extensive scientific research activities. Knowledge and familiarity with statistical techniques for data analysis.
4.Demonstrates knowledge of quality improvement principles, theory, study design, and/or statistical modeling to evaluate research activity across the clinical / R&D programs and processes in an effort to identify opportunities for improving the delivery of health care services. May manage system-wide outcome data bases. Acts as a data steward, assuring completeness, accuracy, internal consistency, and timeliness of databases and establishes data integrity by coordinating the data extraction and data entry process.
5.Coordinates research and data analysis, outcome collection, and clinical translation of research to both central and regional leadership.
6.Demonstrates solid understanding of project management including development, support, installation, resource allocation, life cycle planning, cost tracking, and project risk assessment.
7.Plays a critical role in assessment, prevention, cost analysis, and development of strategies to control the risks at each stage of the research system life cycle.
8.Develops, implements, and maintains documentation tools and data collection instruments necessary for generation and support of R&D / Clinical Program outcomes reports.
9.Writes SOP / technical specifications and scope documents for developers / technicians / research associates to implement projects and to follow through the life cycle of research projects.
10.Develops and recommends procedures and policies to ensure R&D / clinical program success, and recommends revisions and change strategies as needed.
11.Reviews and communicates current literature and research findings in collaboration with leadership. Identifies new ideas and areas for R&D / clinical studies and participates in data collection / analysis.
12.Creates and participates in writing reports, research papers, national presentations, articles, and other documentation of study results.
13.Performs the role of "Principal Investigator" for certain grant-funded research programs and follows the requirements for grantfunded projects and submissions.
14.Participates in outcomes research and development projects supporting internal and collaborative research initiatives between the company and qualified external organizations. May lead or participate in research dissemination initiatives (i.e., publication, presentation).
15.May supervise and/or mentor students/associates and/or other scientists.

Posting Specifics
•Entry Rate: $39.67
•Full time, 40 hours
•Benefits Eligible

Minimum Requirements
•Ph.D. in a clinical or life science field of research/scientific area of study. Degree must be obtained through an accredited institution. Education is verified.
or MD/DO. Degree must be obtained through an accredited institution. Education is verified.
•Five years of research experience.
•Five years of experience coordinating and training in a healthcare / academic / industry research setting.
•Experience in study designing, developing, and analyzing research outcome data.
•Research and collaboration experience to interact effectively in academic, corporate, and clinical cultures on a national/international basis.
•Experience using statistical research methods and their use in outcomes data reporting.
•Experience writing manuscripts, sops, technical specifications, and managing implementation projects.
•Demonstrated understanding of data management functions and processes.
•Ability to travel to various locations.

Physical Requirements
•Interact with others requiring the employee to communicate information.
•Operate computers and other IT equipment requiring the ability to move fingers and hands.
•See and read computer monitors and documents.
•Remain sitting or standing for long periods of time to perform work on a computer, telephone, or other equipment.

Preferred Requirements
• Experience in tissue processing, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, multiplex tissue imagining, and mass cytometry.
• Experience as a "Principal Investigator" in grant-funded projects of relevant field.
• Experience in a role requiring the ability to demonstrate proficiency with MS project and database applications.
• Experience in obtaining grants.
• Experience in publishing in peer reviewed journals.
• Experience in study coordination and collaboration.
• Familiarity with statistical and informatics/bioinformatics analysis tools.
• Experience working within a hospital clinical area or an understanding of workflows and hospital processes.
•The primary intent of this job description is to set a fair and equitable rate of pay for this classification. Only those key duties necessary for proper job evaluation and/or labor market analysis have been included. Other duties may be assigned by the supervisor.