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Postdoc/Sr Scientist-Mass Cytometry-Vanderbilt, Nashville TN

Postdoctoral Fellow/Sr Research Specialist/Research Instructor – Mass Cytometry- Vanderbilt University, Nashville , TN
(Keywords: Human Immunology, Mass Cytometry, Flow Cytometry, Fluorescence Cytometry, Autoimmunity, Adaptive Immunology)

Overview/Position Summary
Seeking a highly motivated and creative scientist to help lead a newly-established human immunology research program in the Kendall Laboratory at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Candidate will be involved in immune profiling PBMC and tissue samples from healthy donors and patients with a variety of autoimmune and pulmonary diseases. Initial immune profiling will be done using mass cytometry, and then in vitro assays will be performed to follow up on our findings. The ultimate goal of our research program is to identify biomarkers of disease and/or molecular targets for disease treatment and prevention. Vanderbilt is located in the heart of Nashville, TN, a dynamic yet affordable city known for its world-renowned live music venues, vibrant restaurant scene, and NFL/NHL/MLS/MiLB teams.

Candidate will be expected to:
• Thoughtfully choose appropriate surface and intracellular proteins to measure in antibody panels, tailored to various diseases based on published literature
• Build and optimize mass and fluorescence cytometry antibody panels
• Perform mass cytometry experiments, acquire the data on the Helios instrument, and analyze the resulting complex data sets
• Develop in vitro assays to appropriately follow-up on mass cytometry immune profiling results (such as co-culture assays or measurement of cytokine secretion)
• Collaborate extensively with clinicians within and across departments

• PhD in Immunology or related field (or 6+ years’ experience in immunology research)
• Hands-on experience with mass cytometry and fluorescence cytometry, and deep understanding of antibody panel design and optimization
• Advanced knowledge of complex flow cytometry data analysis (e.g. viSNE, SPADE) and associated analysis platforms (e.g. Cytobank, FlowJo)
• Highly self-motivated, with a demonstrated ability to troubleshoot and work independently
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills and willingness to collaborate
• Strong organization and documentation skills
• Training in human immunology research and/or autoimmune disease research
• Expertise studying the adaptive immune system (B cells, specifically)
• Familiarity with human specimen processing (e.g. PBMC)
• Any experience in bioinformatics (R/Python) would be highly desirable
• Experience developing in vitro assays to assess immune cell function (e.g. signaling, cytokine production)

If interested, please send cover letter and CV to