Post Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:16 pm

2017-McCarthy et al-Sci Rep

"Rapid monoisotopic cisplatin based barcoding for multiplexed mass cytometry"
McCarthy RL, Mak DH, Burks JK, Barton MC
Sci Rep. 2017, 7, 3779

- used isotopically enriched cisplatin staining on fixed cells, or on fixed-and-permed cells
- "Monoisotopic cisplatin reagents Cell-ID Cisplatin-194Pt, Cell-ID Cisplatin-195Pt and Cell-ID Cisplatin-196Pt (Fluidigm)"; note that as of 26 June 2017, Fluidigm's catalog only lists:
201194 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin-194Pt—100 µL
201198 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin-198Pt—100 µL
201064 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin—100 µL (nat. abund.; no enrichment)

Presumably Fluidigm will be adding the 195Pt and 196Pt to their catalog soon.....................