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2023-Hedou et al-preprint

"Stabl: sparse and reliable biomarker discovery in predictive modeling of high-dimensional omic data"
Julien Hedou, Ivana Maric, Grégoire Bellan, Jakob Einhaus, Dyani Gaudilliere, Francois-Xavier Ladant, Franck Verdonk, Ina Stelzer, Dorien Feyaerts, Amy Tsai, Edward Ganio, Maximilian Sabayev, Joshua Gillard, Adam Bonham, Masaki Sato, Maïgane Diop, Martin Angst, David Stevenson, Nima Aghaeepour, Andrea Montanari, Brice Gaudilliere
Res Sq, posted 28 Feb, 2023

- will update when/id this is peer-reviewed and published

- reuses CyTOF dataset from 2021-Stelzer et al-Sci Transl Med
- new abdominal surgery dataset accession not given