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2023-Sorin et al-Nature

"Single-cell spatial landscapes of the lung tumour immune microenvironment"
Mark Sorin, Morteza Rezanejad, Elham Karimi, Benoit Fiset, Lysanne Desharnais, Lucas J M Perus, Simon Milette, Miranda W Yu, Sarah M Maritan, Samuel Doré, Émilie Pichette, William Enlow, Andréanne Gagné, Yuhong Wei, Michele Orain, Venkata S K Manem, Roni Rayes, Peter M Siegel, Sophie Camilleri-Broët , Pierre Olivier Fiset, Patrice Desmeules, Jonathan D Spicer, Daniela F Quail, Philippe Joubert, Logan A Walsh
Nature. 2023

- "Data availability Data supporting the findings in this study, including high-dimensional TIFF images, are available at Raw primary imaging data can be obtained from the authors directly on reasonable request."