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2023-Meskas et al-Cytometry A

"flowCut: An R package for automated removal of outlier events and flagging of files based on time versus fluorescence analysis"
Justin Meskas, Daniel Yokosawa, Sherrie Wang, Gabriela C Segat, Ryan Remy Brinkman
Cytometry A. 2023, 103, 71-81

- "2.2.5 CyTOF and spectral flow cytometry
Mass cytometry (CyTOF) and spectral flow cytometry are different variations of cytometry data acquisition methods. flowCut was developed taking into account this variability and it can be used given that the time channel is correctly set up along the files, although some parameters may have to be adjusted. To assess this, we ran flowCut in 36 CyTOF and five spectral flow cytometry files, including the file analyzed by [5]."
- ref 5 is 2021-Emmaneel et al-Cytometry A, which used 1 original dataset and 3 reused datasets.

- I'm honestly not sure which 36 CyTOF files were used: the paper says "All selected files were uploaded to FlowRepository, and can be found with Repository ID of FR-FCM-ZYPD (", but there's no designator for flow vs CyTOF vs spectral, and the ZYPD accession header only mentions fluorescence.
- neither MiFlowCyt checklist nor SI clarify further.