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2022-Fernández Zapata et al-Nat Commun

"Differential compartmentalization of myeloid cell phenotypes and responses towards the CNS in Alzheimer's disease"
Camila Fernández Zapata, Ginevra Giacomello, Eike J Spruth, Jinte Middeldorp, Gerardina Gallaccio, Adeline Dehlinger, Claudia Dames, Julia K H Leman, Roland E van Dijk, Andreas Meisel, Stephan Schlickeiser, Desiree Kunkel, Elly M Hol, Friedemann Paul, Maria Kristina Parr, Josef Priller, Chotima Böttcher
Nat Commun. 2022, 13, 7210

- "Data availability The CyTOF data generated in this study have been deposited in the FlowRepository database under accession code FR-FCM-Z5XD."