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2022-Eichhoff et al-preprint

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2022 3:49 pm
by mleipold
"ROS induction as a strategy to target persister cancer cells with low metabolic activity in NRAS mutated melanoma"
Ossia M. Eichhoff, Corinne I. Stoffel, Jan Kaesler, Luzia Briker, Patrick Turko, Gergely Karsai, Nina Zila, Verena Paulitschke, Phil F. Cheng, Alexander Leitner, Andrea Bileck, Nicola Zamboni, Anja Irmisch, Zsolt Balazs, Aizhan Tastanova, Susana Pascoal, Pal Johansen, Rebekka Wegmann, Julien Mena, Alaa Othman, Vasanthi Viswanathan, Judith Wenzina, Andrea Aloia, Annalisa Saltari, Andreas Dzung, TuPro Consortium, Michael Krauthammer, Stuart Schreiber, Thorsten Hornemann, Martin Distel, Berend Snijder, Reinhard Dummer, Mitchell Levesque
bioRxiv, posted October 21, 2022

- will update when/if this is peer-reviewed and published

- really unsure what CyTOF work was done: CyTOF is mentioned (regarding Suppl Fig 10a), but there's no CyTOF experimental section and no reference I can find to a previous dataset

Re: 2022-Eichhoff et al-preprint

PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2023 9:40 pm
by mleipold
Now published:

Cancer Res. 2023, 83, 1128-1146

- data in Fig S12 appears to be reused from Tumor Profiler (TuPro) project (2020-Stark et al-preprint/2020-Stark et al-Bioinformatics?)