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2021-Papadas et al-preprint

PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2021 4:04 pm
by mleipold
"Stromal remodeling regulates dendritic cell abundance and activity in the tumor microenvironment"
Athanasios Papadas, Gauri Deb, Adam Officer, Alexander Cicala, Chelsea Hope, Philip Emmerich, Joshua Wiesner, Adam Pagenkopf, Kristina Matkowskyj, Dustin A Deming, Katerina Politi, Scott Abrams, Olivier Harismendy, Fotis Asimakopoulos
bioRxiv, posted November 13, 2021

- will update when/if this is peer-reviewed and published

- no dataset accession given

Re: 2021-Papadas et al-preprint

PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2022 9:12 pm
by mleipold
Now published:

Cell Rep. 2022, 40, 111201

- no CyTOF dataset accession given