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2014-Bruggner et al-PNAS

"Automated identification of stratifying signatures in cellular subpopulations"
Robert V. Bruggner, Bernd Bodenmiller, David L. Dill, Robert J. Tibshiranie, and Garry P. Nolan
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2014, 111, E2770–E2777

-Description of the Citrus program
"Given cytometry data from many samples and an endpoint of interest for each sample (e.g.,good or poor patient outcome, patient survival time), Citrus identifies clusters of phenotypically similar cells in an unsupervised manner, characterizes the behavior of identified clusters by using biologically interpretable metrics, and leverages regularized supervised learning algorithms to identify the subset of clusters whose behavior is predictive of a sample’s endpoint. While requiring minimal expertise and input to operate, Citrus produces a list of stratifying clusters and behaviors, plots conventional biaxial or other data representations describing the phenotype of each cluster, and provides a predictive model that can be used to analyze newly acquired or validation samples."