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2022 Salary Survey on Purdue List

PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2022 3:26 pm
by mleipold
Hi all,

Some of you may already have seen this on the Purdue Cytometry List, but just in case you haven't and want to participate:

Cris Bare has posted a survey form for 2022 salaries in cytometry (primarily focused on academic cores, but open to all):

"Et, voila! A 2022 survey form: ... w/viewform

With the data tabulated in the spreadsheet at ... 1875033081

I'll add some minor analysis once we get some data."

From the Google Form:
"2022 Salary Survey
This is a completely anonymous, completely unscientific survey of salaries as distributed to the Purdue flow list and the Google+ cytometry group. Results can be seen on the web at ... sp=sharing

This is primarily aimed at academic core cytometrists but data from all individual contributors and scientific disciplines is welcome!

Thank you!"